Real Estate Video Editor Services

FTE is a professional real estate video editor company that does all kinds of a video editors with your raw footage. So if you are looking for a reliable video editing company to get your videos professionally and quickly edited, we will be happy to fulfill the task.

You can send us any video footage – home videos from your family holidays, adventure clips recorded with your action camera, touching moments of your children taking their first steps, or corporate training footage – whatever you have. Address our customer support and find out more details concerning the video editing services you need.

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Real Estate Video Editor Services We Offer

Whether you are a business owner, a marketing professional, or the average Joe (or Jane)… No matter what industry you are in… No matter what type of video you’re looking to complete… You need some people who know their business if you want your videos to look good. FTE’s video editing experts will help you do just that.


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Create a Real Estate Marketing Video

Transform your listing photos into vibrant video stories with a competitive advantage.
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Real Estate Virtual Tour

Transform listing photos into moving stories that express the unique character of your listings and close deals.
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Real Estate Video Enhancements

Apart from the basic video editing, we also help in making the video better by adding various elements such as music/sounds, subtitles, voice-overs, creative titling, transitions, animations, etc. These video enhancements help to convey the message across effectively and maintain a neat and professional look to the video.
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Basic Real Estate Video Editing

We have the required expertise to work with any kind of video format (MOV, AVI, MP4, WMV, etc.) and perform basic editing of the clips. We can merge the real estate videos, clip shots, remove unwanted clips, shot sequencing, stabilizing shaky videos, etc. Our basic editing ensures that the video maintains a neat and professional look to it.
Real Estate Video Editor

360-degree Real Estate Video Stitching

We have the required expertise and skills to stitch several real estate videos and create a magnificent looking 360-degree video. We can convert a 2D video into a 3-dimensional one with this method. This video will give a complete view of the property in all directions and provide the customers with a life-like experience.

Video Editing

Balance light and dark, remove clutter, crop video, insert logo, add sound, add content,...

    • 3 free trial photos
    • Remove camera flash
    • White balance, contrast, exposure, lens correction and color adjustment
    • Eliminate small reflections
    • Erase background
    • Turnaround Time: 12-24h

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