With the increase of Social networks, real estate photography has become a vital role in the property business. Therefore, here comes the extraordinarily rising demand for the appearance of your house shown through beautiful real estate photos. Choosing a partner to assist you with parading the magnificence of your home by real estate photo editing will be your best choice ever.

Nevertheless, you should have an intelligent choice among many real estate photo editing companies that provide the solutions to retouch your real estate photos. To help you make the wisest choice, here is the list of four outstanding benefits you will get if you let FTE Design be your wings.


Being the most fantastic team with profound experience in real estate photo editing, enhancement, blending, stitching, sky change, color correction, perspective correction, and more, FTE DESIGN has edited millions of pictures from more than ten countries worldwide. With cutting-edge techniques, as long as the intelligent consultation from our team, we assure to satisfy all the customers.


BeatColor even provides Client System, a manageable and straightforward tool for clients to avoid mess-ups and problems. Just in 5 simple steps, you have already finished all the tasks and invoices. So just after a simple process, you will already have magnificently edited photos that can blow out all customers.


Instead of waiting for ages to get your images back, you can comfortably wait for 12 -24 hours. Then photos will be assuredly delivered. In addition, to ensure the satisfaction of your customers, we’re always prepared to repair the image for free or video within six months.

Thus, to create the brightest impression on your house and let your pictures define the beauty of your home on behalf of you, let FTE DESIGN bring you the best photos to capture every look of clients.