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At FTE-DESIGN, we provide core services such as Image Editing, Virtual Staging and Architectural Design with quick processing times from just 12 hours. Our team of experienced editors is committed to bringing you exceptional results that exceed your expectations. Let choose FTE-DESIGN to enhance your real estate photo and take your business to the next level.

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Over A Decade Of Experience

We have 10+years of experience in delivering photo editing services across the globe. Our high-quality yet cost-effective solutions have helped our clients create a significant identity in their own niches.

100% Satisfied Clientele

Our technical expertise, deep industry knowledge, and creative craftsmanship have enabled us to meet each common and custom need exactly. We have 100% satisfied clients across the globe.

Scalable As Per Client Requirement

Get the job done quickly within 24 hours We have the in-house capability of editing more than 5000+ images daily. To ensure on-time project delivery, we keep 10 percent of resources “in reserve”.


Working closely with our customers, we are committed to developing new and smarter solutions to embrace the latest trends in the industry.

Dedicated customer support

We always try to bring the best service value and fast customer support by a dedicated and professional customer care team.

24-Hrs Turnaround Time

We deliver all the images within 24 hrs without any failure. Additionally, all clients will get time zone benefits as we have different pools of professionals working in various shifts serving varying time zones.

Working Process of FTE

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Conduct photo editing With the highly skilled and flexible real estate photo editing experts/artists, we ensure that you have access to a professional real estate photo editing company that will transform a simple image into something that will catch any property's great attention. We guarantee that our team applies its eye for design and technical know-how to both commercial and residential property images.
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360⁰ Image Editing service is not anything more than the usual digital photo editing that optimizes for use. Photographers do not limit themselves to a genre of photography and take images of various subjects and styles. Panoramic images give a 360-degree view. 360⁰ Images use in product advertising, real estate service, interior decoration, etc. You may spend hours doing editing, and use the expert tools from Photoshop, but skilled designers can easily do it within a short time. FTE provides this service through proficient designers at the best price.
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A virtual staging service that helps brokers, real estate agents, brokers, builders, and construction workers decorate their residential and commercial spaces virtually with elegant interior decor created in a graphic editor. It significantly saves the cost of staging and planning the interior arrangement with all the decorative and luxurious things. At FTE, we strive to meet exactly these needs with our advanced virtual staging services.

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