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Welcome to Ftedesign.com, an Online hub for all things digital. Ftedesign.com offers a wide range of services for everyone, from real estate agents to developers, professional photographers to amateurs and online retailers who want to showcase their products with a professional photo.

Ftedesign.com has a large team of experts worldwide, which means that Ftedesign.com can provide a 24 hour guaranteed turnaround.

Thanks to our team of photo editing experts, Ftedesign.com can offer a wide range of editing services such as removing background from photos, removing items and retouching images to give your photos a professional look.

Our CGI renderings are perfect for clearly demonstrating conceptual or product ideas to stand out from the crowd and create beautiful visuals for your online retail store.

Real estate agents can enjoy a wide range of services tailored to their needs, from floor plan selection to development site plans. CGI rendering and image enhancement options include transforming exterior property photos from daytime to sunset, adding virtual furniture to rooms, and removing unwanted clutter. Our copywriting service can also help agencies get back to what they do best by providing a single, dedicated copy of their listing within 24 hours.

FTE Design is the fast, reliable and affordable convenience to get professional photos fast. Our system is easy to use and with our 24-hour guarantee, top-quality edited photos will be within reach.

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What we do?

We are among the leading reliable photo retouching partners to many professional photographers engaged in real estate photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, eCommerce product photography and stock photography. We provide cost-effective services with a quick turnaround time (less than 24hrs) to photographers across the globe. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization delivering high-quality services. Outsource your photo editing services to us and get all your images edited and retouched by experienced & seasoned artists.

How we do?

Blending creativity and years of experience with modern technology and mythology, we guarantee you a unique creation that awakens a widely different feeling with integrity, harmony, and radiance. Technical expertise, extensive industry knowledge, and innovative craftsmanship have enabled us to meet each conventional and custom need precisely.

Why choose us?

Over A Decade Of Experience

We have 10+years of experience in delivering photo editing services across the globe. Our high quality yet cost-effective solutions have helped our clients create a significant identity in their own niches.

100% Satisfied Clientele

Our technical expertise, deep industry knowledge, and creative craftsmanship have enabled us to meet each common and custom need exactly. We have 100% satisfied clients across the globe.

Scalable As Per Client Requirement

Get the job done quickly within 24 hours We have in-house capability of editing more than 5000+ images daily. To ensure on-time project delivery, we keep 10 percent of resources “in reserve”.


Working closely with our customers, we are committed to developing new and smarter solutions to embrace the latest trends in the industry.

Dedicated customer support

Our customer service team works 24/7 across various communication channels to make sure that you are responsibly looked after.

24-Hrs Turnaround Time

We deliver all the images within 24 hrs without any failure. All clients are sure to get time zone benefit as we have different pools of professionals working in different shifts for serving varying time zones.


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Media Team Manager

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Manage Photo Editing Team

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Head of Product Development

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