Once you have a list of property photo editing companies, it is necessary to re-check again those companies to make sure they are reliable enough to hire. However, all of those companies have great portfolio and you are wondering which real estate photo editing company is the best one. Consider the following factors before making the final decision.

1. Experience

In any business, experience is the most priority. Look into how many years the real estate photo editing company has been in business. It will show how reliable and skillful they are. The company’s more experienced, the more professional the images are edited. Plus, one point for those with more than two years in this field.

2. Price

One of the most critical factors impacting your decision is the price. List the cost of all the chosen companies and then compare them to find the most reasonable one. Some companies classify their pricing depending on their services. For example, some charge per image or project, while others charge an hourly rate. There will also be surcharges for rush retouching or additional editing. You should ask the company to understand about the price they offer.

3. Turnaround time

This is also a criterion we need to keep an eye on. The shorter the turnaround time is, the faster your work goes. Different companies have an additional turnaround time for the specific volume of photos. You need to specify the work you require and ask for their expected turnaround time. Sometimes, it depends on whether it is the peak season or not. Make clear with the turnaround time and go for flexible and can level their speed up as your expectation.

4. Customer feedback

Check all the websites, blogs, forums, or groups that the company joins to read all the reviews of the previous clients. This action will help you have a clear assessment of that company. Whether they leave their customers satisfied with the output or they have negative feedback and unpleased customers. Based on their feedback, you will partly evaluate the quality of that company.

5. Support team

Support groups play an essential role in partner selection. You can test their service by asking lots of questions and see how quickly and enthusiastically they answer your questions.

Creating a table with these criteria on your checking list, then you minus or plus points for each company. After you go through all the requirements, the result is already there!