The real estate photography industry is fast-paced and continuously evolving to fit the needs of both agents and buyers. As a result, many techniques are born out of changing market preferences and standards. In recent years, social-media-inspired aesthetics inspired trends that led photo editing companies to offer services like virtual twilight. So why did twilight photo editing become a trend, and what fascinating facts should you know about it?

Twilight Photo Editing

While there have been no formal studies or statistics on the psychological effects of dusk editing in real estate photography settings, sunrise and sunsets have undeniable appeal aspects.

Most professional photographers will tell you that lighting plays a vital role in overall appeal. While real estate photography is different from live model photography, it still follows the same aesthetic principles of light and color. There are many ways to achieve this effect. To learn more, check out this Twilight photo post by FTE.

Fascinating Real Estate Twilight Photo Editing Facts

Special service offered by professionals

Most photography professionals know about the golden hour, but it’s challenging to capture all shots within a limited timeframe. So the demand for these unique golden hour lighting conditions inspired day to dusk photo editing from premier real estate photography editing companies.

Twilight drives up curb appeal

People often look for properties in the hopes of permanence, so they want a sneak preview of what they look like in different lighting conditions. Twilight shots could also showcase accessories and fixtures that look better in darker states.

Shots from different times will help buyers decide if they like how the property feels in the daytime or the dark.

Twilight improves your listing’s the luxurious vibe

Buyers often choose properties with excellent value for money, especially those with foreseen long-term rates. However, they may not be ready to spend too much money. Luxury does not usually come with a particular price point but an emotional aspect.

You might need a daytime photo editing service to improve the overall effect. Clients will be more likely to purchase a house or land if they can have luxurious days with the property’s views.

The actual act of taking photos during twilight is challenging

The golden hour lasts for at most 60 minutes, and there may be issues during that time. Aside from the technical problems, the tricky lighting may require additional reflectors or lighting equipment. Even the most competent photographers may have difficulties in creating the desired output.

Most photographers shoot the property during different times to attain the perfect twilight effect by combining them in post-production.

You don’t have to be a twilight photo editing expert

You may want a twilight photo, but you have already conducted your photography sessions. Fortunately, experts like Phixer can offer Twilight editing to enhance your current photosets. You don’t have to learn about the complicated processes because they can do it for you and perform the necessary changes.

Final Thoughts: Real estate photo editing companies have improved their offers to include advanced virtual twilight and home staging techniques. Check out twilight editing if you’re looking for ways to enhance your property appeal in a listing thumbnail or improve your aesthetic pull for a marketing campaign.